Frequently Asked Questions

How were the underlying ranges created?

The ranges were created using MonkerSolver. We used three 512gb servers and ran simulations on them continuously for months to create the most accurate possible ranges for the Matrix.

How close are the ranges to the solver?

The ranges are almost identical. A negligible amount of accuracy (<1%) is sacrificed so that we are able to visually represent the ranges. A GTO solution will have some combos that are mixed strategies. We simplified the Matrix’s cells by rounding all the combos to the most frequent action. Our product tests show a significant increase in the accuracy of the executed strategy when compared against current preflop learning tools.

Are there any future plans to add more information/features to the Matrix?

We are constantly improving our product. We have ideas in development and updates will be provided as they come available.

What is good suit, bad suit, and triple suited again?

We discovered a previously overlooked division among suited hands while studying the monker ranges.  In all suited hands, there is a dramatic impact on the EV and strategic options taken based on the quality of its suitedness. Therefore, we developed a new classification of “good suit” and “bad suit” within the double suited and single suited hand categories.

For single suited hands, a good suit is when the hand is suited to its highest card and only has two cards of that suit.  Bad suit is the remaining single suited hands.  Bad suit includes triple suited hands, which is a hand that contains 3 cards of one suit.  These hands are very bad even if they are suited to their highest card.

For double suited hands, a good suit is when you have the two highest possible suits.  Bad suit is the remaining double suited hands.  Bad suit double suited hands will have the highest two cards in your hand be the same suit.

What are the limitations of the Matrix?

The largest limitation of the Matrix is the exclusion of rainbow and monochrome (four of one suit) hands.  These represent less than 12% of hands but they are almost always folded in all positions. A few combos are still played so our suggestion is to use common sense. Raise your Aces and A-high broadway hands. Remember that rainbow and monochrome hands are very bad and only a tiny fraction of them are played.

This grid looks weird, is there a mistake?

Don’t worry; we have manually verified the accuracy of the grids. It is normal that the grids don’t make sense.  This is because a lot of ranges are non-linear.  If all of the ranges made perfect sense with defined top and bottom hands, we wouldn’t need the Matrix. Also, it is important to remember individual combos exist in the context of the entire range, not in a vacuum.  If something seems wrong, it is because the solver is making decisions based on more inputs than we could possibly comprehend where the only outcome that matters is EV.

What is the cancellation policy?

You can cancel your subscription at any time and it will expire at the end of the payment period.

What payment options are available?

We currently accept all major credit cards through Stripe.